How to Measure Yourself for a Waist Trainer

Women have been cinching their waist for centuries. One of the biggest dreams of every woman, after all, is to look slim and have an hourglass torso. Waist trainers or waist cinchers have regained their popularity in recent years owing to the hype created by celebrities. If you are planning to start your waist training regime, first step is to choose the right waist trainer for yourself. In order to do so you need to take your measurements first to order the right size of waist trainer. Accurate measurement is crucial to your waist training regime; an incorrect size will not produce the desired results. Once you are done with the measurements, you can find the best women’s waist trainers here. Here is how you have to take your measurements before ordering a waist trainer:

Some initial instructions:

  1.   Choose a meter long measuring tape, one that has inches on it.
  2.   The best time to measure yourself is in the evening after your everyday activities are over.
  3.   Measure yourself without clothing or with very thin clothing in order to get accurate measurements.
  4.   Also ensure that every measurement you take is with the measuring tape held flat against your body with no slack or creases on it.

Step 1: Locate your waist line and take its measurement:

With your fingers, trace the start of your hip bone and the end of your rib cage. The area between, which is without any bone, is your waist. It is also the narrowest measurement of your torso and is located right above your belly button. Measure your waist in inches.

Step 2: Take the measurement of your under bust line:

Wrap the measuring tape around your body right underneath your busts and take the measurement in inches.

Step 3: Take the measurement of your bust line:

Wrap the measuring tape around your body passing over your busts at their fullest part. This measurement will also be taken in inches.

Step 3: Take the measurement right above your hips:

Wrap the measuring tape around your body passing over your hip bone. If you are having difficulty finding this part, lean forward, where your body bends is where you have to take the measurements. Record this measurement in inches.

Step 4: Measure the length of your torso:

Your torso is the part of your body below your busts and above your hips. Measure yourself vertically from under one of your busts all the way down till where your body bends when you lift one of your legs (or your upper hip line, the one mentioned in the previous step).

Step 5: Match your measurements with the company’s measuring chart:

Now find the waist trainer company’s measuring chart (from where you are planning to buy) and locate your measurements in the chart. Once you have located your measurements in the appropriate range, you are all set to order your waist trainer.