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FaceTime For Android: Have you been dreaming to get FaceTime For Android Smartphones?

Then your Dream has come true!

Since today I am sharing an article which will be helping you to get FaceTime for Android Smartphones. I have covered all the relevant points and features of FaceTime which will be helping you to understand FaceTime better and play it on your android phone.

I have seen many android lovers who are eagerly waiting to get FaceTime for their Android devices. So to help such users I am here coming up with FaceTime for Android Guide. I am sure you are all going to get all the details here in this article.

FaceTime for Android – Latest Version!

FaceTime For Android

What is FaceTime For Android

So let me add this section for those who have no idea that what FaceTime is?

FaceTime is video calling app developed by Apple for iOS Devices. It let Apple users to make HD video calling to their friends or relatives sitting any other corner of the world. It let you make both audio and video calling.

It delivers HD quality video calling compatibility to its users which makes it top notch app. Calls get connected instantaneously and users get no delay at all. The sound quality of FaceTime is quiet impressing and it feels like real and natural sound.

According to the sources, there are rear chances that FaceTime users have experienced a slow-down chat issues, calls interruption, video breakdown and other technical issues as from FaceTime’s side.

It is really easy to use and manage apps. You don’t require to be techy to use FaceTime. If you know basic hows and knows of devices then you can use FacaeTime to its fullest.

FaceTime For Android Features

Now let me list out all the features of FaceTime which will be helping you to start knowing more about this amazing app;

  • Best Video and Audio Calling App
  • Works Best and Uninterrupted
  • HD Video Calling Feature
  • Natural and Smooth Audio Calling
  • No technical knowledge required to use FaceTime
  • Free to Download
  • Easy to use

FaceTime For Android

Unfortunately, FaceTime is not available for FaceTime yet though there are number of Amazing alternatives of FaceTime which I have listed for you;

FaceTime For Android – Best FaceTime Alternatives

So here I am listing all the best FaceTime Alternatives to help you guys keep enjoying video calling.

1 – Skype

It is one of the best alternatives of FaceTime. Skype let you make video and audio calling to your friend from across the globe. You can download the Skype app and start making video calls for free. There are some premium versions of Skype too with some additional features.

By availing Premium version of Skype, you will be able to make calls to mobile phone as well. You can Download Skype for Windows, Android or iOS Devices and start making video calls.


  • Best Video Calling and Audio Calling App
  • Instant Messaging with File uploading feature
  • Amazing Emojis
  • Free to Download
  • Best Video and Audio Quality
  • Available for Android, iOS and Computer users

2 – Glide

Glide is another amazing video and audio calling application. It let you record your videos as message and send it to your friend for latter listening. Glide also allows you to send text messages to individuals and group of 50 people at ones. It is one of the best alternatives of FaceTime.

The amazing feature of Glide is reviewing. It means before actually making your call you can check the video quality background and stuffs and then make call. It is also available for Smart watches which let you make and receive calls on your Smartwatches.


  • Video and  Audio Calling Messaging app with amazing quality
  • Instant Messaging service – Individual or Group Chat with 50 People at ones
  • Review your videos before making calls
  • Available for Smart watches
  • Free to Download

3 – Viber

Viber is one of the famous video calling applications. It has around five-hundred million users from across the globe. Viber does not annoy its users with unnecessary advertisement. It supports multiple languages.

You can also share pictures, videos and messages with your friends on Viber.It is completely free app and does not require registration or invitation for using it. You can make best quality calls using 3G or WiFi.


  • One of the best Video Calling Apps
  • 500 Million Users from across the globe
  • Enjoy Viber without Advertisements
  • It supports Multiple languages
  • Share pictures, videos, and messages with your Friends on Viber
  • Free to Use app
  • Don’t need to register or send invitation for using Viber

4 – WeChat

It is another most popular alternative of FaceTime which let you make video and audio calls to your friends. It is really popular app having millions of users across the globe.

WeChat has around 8 Million users. You can chat, video call or audio call using WeChat. It is the fastest and safest video calling messaging app. You can free download WeChat for your android smartphone or else you can also use it for your PC using internet by scanning your device.


  • WeChat let you make video and audio calls
  • 8 Millions active users
  • Fast and Safest Video messaging app
  • Free Download WeChat
  • Available for iOS and Android users
  • Web Feature is also enabled

5 – Line

It let you send messages to one friend or to a group. There is no limit to calls or messaging to your friends or families. You can make free international calls using Line. I personally like the stickers and Emojis on Line which are really Cool 😉

You can also share videos, images, files or voice messages using Line. There are amazing quality of video and voice calling on Line


  • Amazing Video and Audio Calling app
  • Send messages to individuals or groups in bulk
  • Interactive stickers and Emojis
  • Make Free International Calls
  • Share videos, photos and Audio Messages
  • Available for iOS, Android and for PC
Download for PC 1


This was our article on FaceTime. I am sure this has helped you to get FaceTime for your devices. If you are facing trouble or having any issues then feel free to lend your queries in comment box.

Any of our team member will get back to you as soon as possible.

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FaceTime For Android APK Download [Official] – Free Latest Version
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Facetime for PC/Laptop on Windows (10, 8.1 & 7) & MAC – Download

Facetime for PC: Facetime is a good video calling app through which you can make a video call with your friends instantly. This messaging app was officially launched for iOS platforms but now it is available on your Windows PC as well. This messaging app offers many good features which I will highlight in this post. Video calling is common with most of the peoples who uses Smartphone, Tablets, Laptop, etc. So, in this post, I will tell you about how to get Facetime for Windows PC. Keep reading this post to know more the good features of Facetime for Windows PC.

I am sure there might be many guys out there who are looking forward to getting FaceTime for their computers. So to help those mates I am writing a detailed guide for you guys,

Facetime for PC | Windows Download And Review:

Facetime for PC

Before moving ahead with FaceTime download guide I am talking a bit about FaceTime to help you guys out. FaceTime is the app which is built for iPhone users for video and audio calling. It gives amazing user-friendly interface and compatibility for iPhone users.

It also comes up with a call-waiting feature which allows users to wait for other call while having a FaceTime call. I personally like this amazing video calling app due to its amazing video and audio quality.

Features of Facetime for PC:

The Facetime app has many good features and functions amazingly compared to other video calling app. So, here are some of the most common features of Facetime for Widows PC.

  • This app gives a good audio quality which helps in better communication.
  • Full HD video calling is supported with this app, and this is an amazing platform to make a video call uninterrupted
  • You can easily block any Facetime calls using the option available within this app and enjoy FaceTime without receiving annoying calls
  • We can instantly make a video call to people staying abroad with amazing video and sound quality and you won’t face any connection errors
  • You can make voice calls as well with Facetime, to another Facetime users.
  • It enables you to mute and pause calls easily and also allows you to stop videos while you receive a call.
  • The app runs with amazing speed and accuracy which helps in making convenient video calls with multiple peoples which can help you to plan a video hangout with friends
  • You can easily navigate from the app to other apps while you are on a call.
  • This app helps you in converting phone calls to video calls instantly, but this feature is only available on iOS devices.
  • You can easily run Facetime app along with other apps on your Windows PC without any kinds of interruption occurred.

Steps to use Facetime:

facetime for laptop

For using Facetime on your Windows PC, you must know how it functions first. So, for using this stunning video calling app on your PC, launch the app from your PC, and you will be asked for an E-mail ID. Just enter your email address and fill all the necessary details to open it.

You will get the list of your phone contacts that are available for video calls. Save those contacts that you want to keep in touch with on Facetime.

You can now easily select any of your friends whom you want to make a video call. Entering your email ID, just start calling. You can also send a message to any of your contacts in free of cost.


Finally, if you want to disconnect any call then just tap on the red button appearing on the screen and disconnect the call in progress.

One thing you must keep a watch is on the microphone, while the video call is in progress. Sometimes the microphone gets disabled and turns into red color. So do check if its green or not.

Requirements to use Facetime:

The Facetime app is not available for Windows PC and Android platform yet. So, you will need to get some of the best alternatives of Facetime like listed below;

  • Glide
  • Google Hangouts
  • Skype
  • Tango
  • Viber

So, for using some of the best alternatives to Facetime app on your PC, you must have a Wi-Fi connection. However, Facetime works in a much complex way with its beneficial features on Apple devices. So, this video calling app completely relies on Wi-Fi connection for its functioning.

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about the performance of above-mentioned alternatives as these apps work equally amazing as FaceTime. So you won’t regret going for above-mentioned apps.

How to Download Facetime for PC?

The Facetime is an amazing video calling app which functions well in Apple devices. Downloading Facetime for PC is not possible because no official version of Facetime PC has been launched yet.

So, you will not be able to download this app on your Windows PC. However, there are best alternatives of Facetime that you can get for the different versions of your Windows PC. However, for downloading some of the best alternatives of Facetime, you must first have an Android emulator “BlueStacks.”

Simply follow below steps to get FaceTime alternative for your PC;

  • First of all, Download and Install Bluestacks for your computer
  • Now you need setup Bluestacks on your PC by linking your Gmail ID, setting up Google Play store and syncing apps by following simple on-screen instructions

  • Ones you are good to go then you will be on the homescreen of the Bluestacks with different app suggestions
  • Now you need to Click on Search icon

  • and Type any of the above-mentioned alternatives of FaceTime
  • Now tap on your favorite alternative icon
  • It will redirect you to the Google play store
  • Now click on Install button and Agree to terms and conditions when asked for
  • After that, it will start getting downloaded on your PC, ones it is done you will have Open button in place of Install
  • Now click on Open button

Viber for PC, FaceTime alternative

  • and Start using the FaceTime alternative for your PC. Don’t forget to plug-in Mic or Webcam if you are not using Laptop for this otherwise, you are good to go!

Facetime is an amazing app that allows you to easily make video calls to your phone contacts. However, as I mentioned earlier Facetime is not yet made available for Windows PC, you will need to get some of the best alternatives of Facetime like Google Hangouts, Viber, Tango, Skype, and Glides. So, these are some of the suggested video calling apps that you can get on your Windows PC. Start downloading any of this app and experience explosive interaction with your friends.


So this was our detailed discussion on FaceTime for PC. I am sure you guys have found this article helpful and worth reading. If you are facing trouble or issues while moving on with this article then feel free to approach us. Any of our team members will get back to you and help you resolving your issues.

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